Vagina Dream Symbol


Vagina – The vagina is a basic symbol of fertility and female sexuality. By dreaming of a vagina you are showing you desires to reach sexual fulfillment and possibly to start a family. The vagina is considered the most holy part of the human form, man or woman. The vagina is also a symbol or orgasm and motherhood.

Depending on the context in which you dream about vaginas you could be entering into a very fertile part of your life where you are able to reach beyond all inhibitions and create successful opportunities for yourself. You could also be sexually repressed and in need of release. 

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  1. Ajani sunday yomi on

    i was hanging at the top corner of a house, i saw a girl naked placing her head on my body, befor i know some woman begin shave her vagina, what does it means.

  2. I had a dream me an my boyfriend where having sex he was hitting it from the back then. He stopped then i felt something very warm enter inside my vagina alot of it an i asked him is he cumming inside he said yes an i jumped off an said no. Because in real life when he make love i always tell him dont cum inside an he agrees to it. Pplleeaasee help what doea my dream mean anyone its killing me to know.

  3. i had a dream of my mum peeing and could see a big caterpillar like come out of her vagina into a hole of a tree..woke up and prayed what does it mean

  4. I had a dreamt that i was going somewhere and stopped to use a public toilet that was in a open walls just in the middle of the street…when i was peeing i felt something enter my vagina and i did not think anything of it .when i was done a man on the street gave me some tissue to use…then i was at home and i could feel this thing moving in my vagina..i tried contracting my muscles to push it out but it wouldnt come out..i then called a friend who is a nurse to ask her to come over and thats when i woke up……please help me understand the meaning of this

  5. I had a dream I was on the toilet wiping my vagina nd when I got done wiping I pulled away to see long stretchy cervical mucus with a tiny of blood. I don’t know the meaning of that.

  6. senshaw tsedeke on

    I saw a nurse pushing a wheelchair in a bending position her short skirt was open and I saw her vagina from the back position .

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