A Wolf a Cat and a Nine tail Fox boy???

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Anonymous asked 5 years ago

I had a weird dream of a a white wispy wolf and a solid cat (I can’t remember the colour, I think black, I’m not even sure if it is a cat but I know there was another animal) running away in a brown dark wasteland, with a few mountains in the distance, from a nine tailed boy (It looked like fox tails???? It was basically a young human boy with fox ears and fluffy tails dressed and coloured all white). The two running animals then jumped off a high cliff into a small circular body of water at the bottom. My heart seemed to flutter and skipped a few beats. It was an emotion of excitement rather than fear.

Then there is this tall man with white long hair. He appeared at the bottom of the body of water (the water was very dark so it made him stand out more than it should). I think he was the fox boy but he had no tails and was much older (Early 30s late 20s) The cat was gone so I thought the cat turned into him. In the water I was in the perspective of the wolf and after seeing the man, the dream just stopped.

Nothing major is going on in my life, in fact I feel more relax then ever before and life is normal. I have been sleeping well for once. I can only guess that maybe something bad will happen? The only thing that threw me way off was the Fox Boy. In the beginning of the dream I was viewing the scenario from a birds eye view with no body. After seeing through the wolf however it just stopped.

But why not just a normal fox? What is so special about a fox boy with nine tails? It really threw me off. I had the feeling that the wispy white wolf and the cat (?) were fighting the Fox boy but I’m not sure.

Another thing that I just remember was the sun coming up slowly in the horizon from behind the fox boy (who was just standing still the whole time watching the animals run away. I forgot to mention that) in the dark wasteland but it was just a white light not yellow like the sun so the boy was almost hidden (light was white and the boy was dressed and coloured all white)