With someone in the past

Taiwo asked 11 months ago

I had a dream i was taking shower In the bathroom with my late dad then I had a knock on the door when I got to the to check it was a little she was holding a white handcarchef and she told me that one of my cloth as falling from the rope so I didn’t open the door I just collect it through the door. My dad came around behind me to see who was there but he didn’t say anything, when the little girl left their was another knock again.

This is one of my friend cousin I didn’t open the door I was talking to him through the door also he said he have a message for from my friend that I should come to is house on Thursday to pass the night that we are having a party to attend on Friday then my dad wisper behind me and said no party and I saw my friend cousin leaving with two other of his cousins then I woke up?

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