Wild and imaginary animals hurting people

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Fiby asked 12 months ago

I have had two dreams so far about animals hurting people. I woke up heavy-hearted and very scared.

In the first dream, my husband and I were trying to head home, but it was Strange. I am scared to get on a bicycle in real life, and we had to not only share bicycle in my dream, but we had to do a jump from rock to rock in water. I remember telling my husband that I can’t-do it, and he said yes just follow my lead.

Being sure that I couldn’t do it he jumped, and I fell In the water. I had to swim to rock with others. In the water was a deadly imaginary animal that used its tail to electrocute people and kill them. I saw ppl being swung at by that’s creatures tail and kids drowning and blood coming back up to the surface.

They sent out a special empty boat for us to go to safety. The boat had to be red because apparently, the beast was afraid of the color red. There was 4 of us. I sat in the back, and the person beside me and I pulled the boat cover over us. Once the other two who were driving the boat started, I remember my heart was racing so fast not knowing if we would make it or not. We did make it, and I jumped so fast out the boat ran into the building. As I was running, I heard screaming, and the beast had attacked the girl that was sitting in the front row.

The second dream was about a wild cheetah. I was sitting in the garden of what seemed like a hotel or a strange restaurant. I saw the cheetah from far, and I got really scared. The person beside me told me not to worry, and he would never come near us. I kept monitoring the cheetah, and it entered the restaurant. Ppl started screaming, so I ran into a room and closed the door.

The door didn’t shut properly, so I held on to both handles. The cheetah jumped and attacked the door. He almost had it open, but I closed it shut. He went to another door and then outside, and I heard many men screaming being attacked. I found that friend of mine from the beginning of the dream, and I kept begging him to find a room with a lock. Somewhere safe. He kept telling me that the cheetah must be full and not to worry.

I kept begging him, and finally, he agreed, and we found others. We went into a small room that had another small room In it. We all hid there and locked the door well.