What does it mean when you dream your Ex partner slaps your child

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Claire asked 9 months ago

I woke up sweating…. my dream or should I say nightmare starts with the following so any help or figuring out why I dreamt this would be appreciated. To let you all know I have a gorgeous 20-Month-old baby boy, I am a single Mother to him, his father walked in and out of our lives since he was 3 months old I was the fool to keep letting him back in but of course like all mothers we want our child to have a sense of stability anyway when Harrison was 13 Months old I was trying so hard for him to have a relationship with his Son I would say use FaceTime so our son gets to know who you are?

I would give him fuel money to come see him but I guess it just wasn’t enough…. one day we had an argument on the phone 20th June 2017 and as grown up as he is he put the phone down on me and hasn’t contacted me since ( 7 Months )to ask about my Son now for all of you reading this I got a lucky escape as was engaged to this asshole so I am overwhelmed with happiness that he is not apart of my life but to ignore the fact you have a beautiful baby boy this is what I can’t get my head around no Xmas cards, no toys sent through the post!!! I’m supporting my boy all on my own especially as a working mother it is tough now I recently keep having nightmares not dreams about my Ex partner to the extent that I had to find a sight to find why I dreamt it.

I was driving my car with my two dogs and my son I was picking up my Ex from a nightclub as I offered as thought it’s the only time he sees my son…. but this time when I picked him up some strange girl was told to come tell me that he won’t be ready for another hour and a half I asked her where is he and she said I can’t say as I told him I wouldn’t but then she saw my son and told me where he ended up going to another bar.

I drove and took a wrong turning onto oncoming traffic and managed to pull over and breathe! I then went to this bar and as I walked in I saw my Ex Ex husband 🤔and random people I’ve met throughout my life, they came helping me look for my sons dad whilst a few stood behind holding my son I then found my ex walking up stairs and said I have someone I would like you to meet he then said I was in a good mood considering he stood me up from picking him up!

He walked with me and saw my son and as he was about to get close to him I pushed him to one side and said enough is enough now you will never see my son again as I won’t have him rejected and at that moment my ex slapped my son across the head and I woke up crying!!!! If there is anyone out there that can help me figure out why I dreamt this it would be a great help

sorry for going on a bit ha