Water Temple in the Mountains

Ana asked 1 year ago

This is a recurring dream I’ve dreamt of this over a dozen times.
I am making my way through a forest its usually a bit foggy or overcast very cool. Sometimes I’m hiking other times I’m driving. My destination is always the same its a massive temple that sits on top of a high mountain with rivers that flow throughout it.

Out of the front of the Temple a massive waterfall flows down the mountain. Sometimes I don’t make it to the temple but I’m always anxious to get there. Never afraid. Sometimes people are with me other times I’m alone but I always lead the way like I’ve been doing this my entire life. Every rock, tree and curve on the path is familiar like its almost autopilot.

When I do get to the Temple I walk up to the entrance and I am greeted by guards, they let me in and after walking in I go down some steps into what looks like a pool of clear blue water its cool but not freezing. Then the flow of the currents take me through the entire Temple’s corridors its peaceful. At the end it spits me out through the waterfall. I’ve never gone past that point.
Please help me. what does this mean?

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