Wanted to help bear bitten by wolf

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Ramona asked 10 months ago

I’ve dreamed this kinda weird dream and I don’t really know what it could mean, so I’m just going to post it here and I hope anyone could help me out a bit!

I guess I was with my new class at my new school, there was one girl that I knew, she went to the same primary school as me but she wasn’t my classmate in either pirmary school and in my class from my dream. we were going to swim and after that we could go home, but I guess when I went outside, I somehow teleported and was somewhere in the middle of nowhere, I still had my school bag and there was one road and the big field and there was a bear in the bushes, there was a bunny that was scared of it so it came to me and then I saw that I got followed by a wolf, the wolf was looking for it and the bunny was sitting next to me and there was a bear which was coming closer, then the wolf came to me, then also the bear, but both from a different direction.

Then they were all really close, like right next to me, the wolf was hesitating who to attack so did nothing at first but then the bunny ran away and the wolf attacked the bear, he bit the bear in his back paw. I could’ve ran away and save myself but I remembered that I once told someone that I would always safe a bear, so instead I tried to get the wolf away from the bear but then the wolf bit me in my arm, and the bear thought I was attacking him too so he bit my in my other arm.

It didn’t really hurt but of course I tried to break free so I tried to run away but they didn’t let go and they ran with me, there was a fence so I tried to jump over it so they would let go but they didn’t, instead I ruined the fence and the wolf and bear pulled me back to the other side, then I saw 5 other wolfs in the distance and into the direction I was going to, then I suddenly remember that I should scream for help but I couldn’t, my voice, it was just gone, I could only whisper. I was too weak but then I woke up, the wolf and bear didn’t let go.

The only time when I was feeling scared was when I saw the wolf walking around the field, looking for the bunny. But when all the animals for close to me and bit me, I wasn’t scared. And I think I might have been lucid dreaming, I can remember thinking that I had to save the bear, I normally don’t do this or just don’t remember, not sure.

I’m sorry, I know it’s a really long story but I really hope you’ve read all of it and could tell me more about this.
Thank you in advance!