The voice of another soul

Hanie asked 1 year ago

I was dreaming im on a competition. I think it was an ice skate.(i just do ice skate twice in waking life) and at the same time. It feels like there is 3 circles alternately vibrating on the back of my body it like a magic massager . it moves on its own. Making my back feels relaks and good. (maybe bcoz im tired? In reality)  I know at that moment i am in a dream. Coz im in a competation in my dream  but i feel that vibration on my back (the one “me ” who is sleeping). I dont want to wake up coz it feels good.

While in that competition performing. I heard a voice. Says i need to win. I need to go to the finals. I need to win that competition to go to the finals. At that time i dont intend to win. I just want to enjoy what i was doing.. And i am nore focus on the 3 circles gping around on my back . vibrating and with a lil electricity. Making making my back more relaks. . the voice keep talking to me. Then all i know i won
I already felt everythibg is creepy. But i dobt wantvto wake up. Coz the 3circles feels good on ny back.  If i wake up i know it will stop. ..

Then the voice showing me the place where the finals would be. .
I saw a wonderful view. Flowers everywhere. Its like a fantasy word. Water flowing like a small river on my right side. And not far away is the small stadium. It looks like a birdcage vines and flowers around it. It was made with silver (i think).  And the voice talk again.
That finaly i won (i dont feel like happy that i won.) . That so i can go there on that place . there is a girl waiting for me on that place.  When i tried to look at my side where the voice came from. I dobt see anyone .  but an image of a young woman with a long hair. Looks like a princess is waiting for me at that stadium. It was kinda white and icy on her background. (thats the reason i think im competing with ice skating) . and tge voice talk again. Telling me that.
Doni think the circle is just a hitec massager making me relaks? . then later on i felt that tge 3 circle going up on my head targeting my brain . it have lil electricity that targeting my neurons. That electricity is making my memories erase.
I herad the voice again but i dont ubderstand what she said. When i look at her side i saw a smile.
And that moment i feel like the voice owner is the woman on the stadium. Waiting for me. That i need to go there to give up my body. That i should Forget everything so she could switch and take my body. . then i think any moment i will gonna see dark or blank.  But before that i talk to my self that ibneed to wake up!.
So i did. I wake up. I stand.  And drink water . i got deep breath and stay awake for few seconds or i gues a minute. Then i lay down again.
The moment my back touch the bed i felt the 3 circles again. Its dragging me to continue the dream. So in my mind i don’t want it. So i tried to wake up again. . so i did. I stand up. Drink water . look for my phone so i can stay up awake for few more minutes. .

“I wonder why i always have vivid and clear dreams that i always remember in details . most people i know wont believe me that i remember my Long dream. And its creepy having dreams that someone dont want u to wake up. In my life i can tell i dream this kind of thing that i know im having a dream that if i wont try to wake up “NOW” it will be to late for me. I think more than i could count in my hands. .

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