Unexpected wedding

Tia Ferguson asked 11 months ago

I was at home. My home was beautiful. It was clean and decorated like it was out of a magazine. There are touches of gold. There’s a big family style couch with a coffee table in front of it. There are gold candles and ribbons on it(part of the decor) I’m having a small gathering (even though idk why). Mostly immediate family and a few people I don’t know. I am dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. There’s a knock on the door and it’s the Fed Ex guy, but he’s dressed in regular clothes, delivering me a package. I don’t know him but

I don’t know him but he seems very familiar. He sits down and starts talking to me. He tells me his daughter wants to know when the snakes are leaving. I asked him what snakes? He points to the decorated trim around the door. I stand up and say ” these aren’t snakes, they’re brown and gold ribbons that are crinkled” He laughs and says “oh yeah, I see how she thought they were snakes”. Then he asks me about my friend Tori(her real name is Victoria) I said” She’s doing alright. She had a baby boy not too long ago”. We kept talking and my mother says “look who you spoke up”. I look out my big front window and over to my

I look out my big front window and over to my right, I see a white van in my driveway. There’s a man in the drivers seat, i assume he’s her father. I look at my front door and I see Victoria coming up my stairs, smiling at me with A BEAUTIFUL white wedding dress on, carrying a white bouquet of flowers. I burst out in tears!!! I was so surprised and so happy!! I tell her how beautiful she is and honored I am that she chose my home to get remarried at. (They were renewing their vows) I saw her 2 young sons with her, then I woke up.

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