Unexpected gift

Anne Cuizon asked 1 year ago

I dreamt a week ago, It\’s about my ex and his mistress. My ex-husband gives me a surprise gift, my future dream house then suddenly, I was shocked because when I look back, some visitors came.

The family of his mistress and there are ceremonies, I thought it was a wedding because there is a priest who last came while preparing the venue, there is one woman came wearing with the simple dress. When I looked carefully, she was my husband-mistress.

I was dumbfounded while dripping with tears in my eyes because I thought my husband\’s has a plan to build our family again but I was failed because he chooses to prepared to marry his mistress. It was raining during that time inside the house.

It would be very amazing in reality, how come the rain inside the house, then I carried my youngest I was stunned I hardly ever saw me in pity because I drenched my most youth in the rain.

In reality, My husband prepared to live with his mistress this last year of 2016 month of June when I discovered they\’re relations. We were married on Jan 20, 2008, and we were blessed with two sons, seven-year-old is the eldest and two years old was the youngest.We\’ve been living together for 10years since we got married in the year of 2008. We had many trials came and this is the worst.

I would just have to know the meaning of my dream because I was afraid in the present as well as for my children. I am looking forward to your answer; You can just send the reply at my facebook account Michiko euthanasia zosime

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