Understanding good vs evil

Sam asked 9 months ago

This was the most powerful dream I have ever had. I went to sleep around 11 oclock at night and had this dream straight away…I found myself at my parents house with my girlfriend we were in my parents yard have lunch with my mother near the fence, we then noticed the old neighbors yelling at one another very loudly, the neighbors had noticed we were watching, the old lady neighbor walked over to us and sat at the table in front of me, she didnt look very healthy, another old lady came over and sat on the ground next to me I had noticed her feet were very hairy and her toe nails were like claws at this point in my dream I knew something wasnt right.

I spoke to the the old lady on the ground an asked why dont you sit at the table she replied with I CANT!’ This gave me a shock as her voice sounded of a powerful man. I then noticed the old lady in front of me was staring in my direction but not right at me and she had the most shocked look on her face like she had seen a ghost, I turned my head to where she was looking an when I turned my head OMG!

Hands were holding my shoulders a young brunette girl in a white dress was behind me holding my shoulders. At this point in my dream it was like my dream glitched I woke up in my dream and realised I was dreaming.

I tryed waking up buy breaking an throwing stuff around in my dream eg table chairs cuttlery it wast working though the dream was too powerful, the walls of the dream started to crack darkness was slowy creeping into the dream I know realized this wasnt my dream this was evil trying to get to me, I turned to my girlfriend in dream and asked her to wake me up she replied’ I cant’ I then aked why not. She said’ its not me sam,. I looked at her and now all her here was gone she was not my girlfriend but something acting as her.

The only thing I knew that would help me was god, im not really religious by the way, but I gave it a shot, so in my dream I was yelling at the evil gods power, gods power, gods power and started drawings crosses all over my dream it had worked an I finally woke up… I told a few people about my dream one person reckoned the little girl was my guardian angle and she had woke me up in dream to fight the evil.