Two nights, two dreams around the same time

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ACT asked 11 months ago

Hi there,
A little background about myself, first.
I’m 32, a Catholic, a believer and someone who’s seen professional success through the mercy of God. Been at the right place at the right time. Currently heading a team of five writers in India.
I was in a relationship with a non-Christian for almost 11 eleven years (many breaks included!) and we broke off a year back.
I saw two dreams in consecutive nights which woke me up immediately after the dream

Day 1, Saturday Night (around 3AM)
I am in some sort of resort where the water levels are rising but people are ok with it. I’m talking to a bunch of girls who have their legs dipped in water (ankle-high) but I don’t remember who’s who. One person is oriental looking and she could be a work-colleague from our SFO office. There’s a strong, burly, over-friendly resort staff who’s talking to me and holding my hand to ensure the water levels don’t affect me. I forget the connecting part but what I remember now is my ex and I are trying to go to the third floor of a building which looks like it is like a dark, bluish maze. We end up reaching the second floor. The place is on the darker side. Suddenly, I realise she’s topless and I ask her to cover her dignity. She smiles and says she will use me as her shield to protect her dignity. Then she walks behind me and touches my shoulder with the aim of hiding her breasts. There’s nothing sexual about this dream. I’m more worried about what people would think about her nudity. The lack of any sexual overtones surprise me — even after our break up, I get dreams of us making out.
Day 2, Sunday Night (around 2AM)
My parents and I are in the car. We are riding the roads of a place called Thiruvanathapuram (capital of my home state, Kerala). The roads look like they are stuck in time: buildings are red and very-government like and the car is also one of the vintage ones. Looks straight out of the set of a period drama. There are top, bearded, burly cops. Suddenly, we are at what looks likes a village party and people are celebrating in their traditional Punjabi attire (Punjab’s another state in India — my ex is Punjabi). While the celebrations are happening, I know I don’t have a teeth on the right-hand side of my upper jaw (In real life, all my teeth are intact, though ). I try to feel my teeth on the upper jaw and all three of the front teeth are missing. I see myself in a mirror and I’m startled. In all, I don’t have five teeth — three in the front and two of the lower jaw, right hand side. Suddenly, I tell the reveling folks that I’ve lost teeth (very unlike me). And one of my relatives (dressed according to the Punjabi tradition) tells me two things:

  • There was this cop who was praising your family for your achievements. I knew then that something like this is going to be happening
  • Pray together as a family: your dad, your mom and you.