Two dreams about oral sex

Emily asked 1 year ago

My first dream started in bed with an old school friend of mine who I haven’t sent or had contact with in a long time, known him since I was 3 but we were never that close. We were in the middle of having sex in the dream when an older girl (in the dream I assumed it was his big sister, even though he doesn’t have one really) walked in on us. I quickly covered up and she just calmly said “I’ll leave you two to it then” and left the room.

Then we tried to have sex again but I was too dry so I decided to give him oral. I had just the shaft in and he told me it was amazing so I thought I’d show off and went all the way down exactly 3 times then he ejaculated in my mouth. Then he got up and acted like nothing has happened and his ‘sister’ came back in. I got dressed under the covers then more people showed up.

My man and grandad, an old school friend I used to have a huge crush on and his little brother, my very recent ex (who I want to be back with in reality) and they were all in the house. That was the end of the first dream.

The next night, I dreamt I was playing some sort of video game (seemed like skyrim but with the to hsow the vampire diaries mixed in) but I was inside the game. I started off having to choose my first opponent, and I decided to pick the one I knew was that hardest to beat, (the ebony warrior from skyrim). I saw him go past me and I drew a bow and arrow and tried to hit him but missed.

I had a few people with me who’s faces I didn’t see, and we decide to go somewhere else. We were sat on a bed somewhere and there was six of us. We sat sat in two rows facing each other. In front of me I didn’t see his face but I knew it was a guy, and on his left (my right in front) I didn’t see her face but knew it was a girl, and then next to her and the furthest away from me that anyone in the group could be was the ex that showed up in the other dream who I want to be back with.

Next to me on my right was the famous rapper Drake (don’t listen to his music unless someone else puts it on, don’t particularly like or dislike him) and a girl who’s face I didn’t see was on the other side of him. For some reason everyone was looking at porn on their phones and masturbating, including me. Then my phone died so I couldn’t look any more.

Drake then pulled my head towards his penis but didn’t say anything. I then did exactly the same thing as the last dream, took the whole penis in my mouth 3 times, then ejaculated, but it wasn’t in my mouth this time. Then everyone got up and got ready to leave and I saw my ex give me a dirty look. That was the end of the dream.
I’d really like to know why I had these dreams and what they mean.

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glen answered 1 year ago

Interpretation (first dream):
You have received less than noble treatment from men in general, so much so that now you believe your being a victim is normal or even desirable.  They tend to victimize you because you do not know where to place boundaries.
The dream is not from Father God, it is from the enemy, who wishes to keep you bound.  God has allowed the dream to show you where you are, and can show you what is normal and things which are truly to be desired.
Interpretation (second dream):
You are trapped inside a game you cannot win.  You have around you a community which strongly desires unhealthy things and tends to look for fulfillment in them.  Jealousy is a factor (versus admiration). Again, the dream is not from God but he is allowing the enemy to try to influence you first in order to make you hungry for better things.

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