Turtle migration and fried bearded lizard

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Erin asked 4 weeks ago

The dream takes place in a house. The house is recurring in dreams but the subject and activities within change for each dream.

In this house I look out the window at night and see thousands of turtles that appear to be migrating on wet grass. The house is in the country so it’s a wide open field and I can see them all through the field walking past the house. I think there might be lightning because there were flashes of light where I could see just how many turtles there were. They are all moving with purpose in one direction. I was amazed and surprised at how many there were and wondered in my dream what was going on and where did all these turtles come from?

Then it’s daytime and I realize it’s time to cook lunch or supper and I put my son’s pet bearded lizard in a frying pan and put him on the stove. I turn the flames on and watch him start to cook and his skin turn brown. I have no feelings about this, it all seems very matter of fact in the dream.  Then I realize all of a sudden that my son is watching me cook his pet and what am I doing? So I pull him out of the frying pan and put him in the sink and put cold water on him. Now I feel upset like what have I done and the rest of the dream I am checking on him constantly and making sure he isn’t too hurt and that he is recovering. I move him to different locations throughout the house or different bowls of water to help his skin feel better. I felt so ashamed and worried that I had done that to him.
The rest of the dream is my mom and dad helping me pack things into a van to move out of the house. But I don’t know where we’re going. It just feels like something we’ve already planned to do and are carrying out.
To be clear I love this lizard and cuddle with him even when my son’s not home. I have no feelings of ill will towards him and when I woke up I immediately had to go check that he was alright.
What on earth could this all mean?? Thank you in advance for reading this!

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