The loved

Star asked 1 year ago

So I walked up to this guy I know and sat next to him , and he asked if I’m okay is my vagina is tight or does it hurt I said no , then be made like oh really face , then I said why didn’t you say anything to then he said he wanna to give my some space because girls can feel sad and anxious after they lose their virginity then oh understanding .

Then I went back to my table then he followed  , he said he loves he said my vagina was good then he just got really clingy.

I was reading something on his phone he was saying he die for someone I thought he was talking about me but he was talking about his niece,  then I got a little mad and then I told him I was pregnant then he said well I’m just gonna have to take care of my baby it was a loving feeling when he said that , then I said I’m joking I’m not actually pregnant . That dream felt loving and passion.

Also we where I like a school setting like a cafeteria Ps : I know the guy in real life  . So what does all of this mean ?