Strange bomb, death, fear and love

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Timo asked 2 years ago

So last night i got this strange dream, it started in a city hotel, looking over a river in some touristic Spain type city. I am on this hotel and across from the river (big river) are some more large hotels, and a plaza with a lot of people on it. When suddenly this big explosion of an atomic bomb happens, right on the plaza, and the hotel in front of me across the river just collapses. The hotel next to it gets on fire as a result and all the sudden explodes.

A girl standing next to me in the hotel we are in says: mommy that is where we sleep! Another guy says to look up and you could see the plane that dropped the bomb, at this point i was filled with fear. But then i met a girl, which i fell in love with (somehow) and we wanted to get down. So we took the stairs, the rest of the people stayed on top, but 4 floors down the stairs stopped so we could only take the elevator, and this was a diagonal elevator (weird right) and really dark and scary and you are not supposed to take the elevator even though the building wasn’t on fire.

Nobody wanted to get on since they were afraid something would happen. So when the doors closed it felt like we said goodbye forever, as if either one of us would die, those who stayed at the top or us me and the girl who went down. We got down and there were a lot of people there too, i then lost the girl and found out a couple of minutes later that she died (somehow) end of the dream, the cool part of this dream was how real the love and the fear felt all this time. There are some other details and more interaction with the girl but i mainly forgot those. I love dreams like this that feel so intense and real.

They may not be that good of an ending and always kind of a disappointment that it wasn’t real. (Not that i would want an atomic bomb in a city) but its always more exciting than real life. And for a 16-year-old it certainly is special and kind of amazing how real it feels. The fear and the love was just soo strong, even though i don’t know or recognise the girl from real life, or any other person in the dream. I have more of these dreams but i thought this one was worth sharing because of the insanity and mixed feelings that were at the same time.