My snake turned on me after killing me friends

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Anonymous asked 5 years ago

I dreamt that I had a pet two-headed green viper called Two-Timer. I found that I kept having quarrels with imaginary friends as I was walking home, and I would feel agitated. The snake would then lunge at them, and the friend would disappear.

In the dream, apparently this wasn’t new, because I knew before they disappeared that they wouldn’t be coming back- and they didn’t for the rest of the dream. It wasn’t a big deal to me, though, like this was completely normal and there was nothing to stress about.

When I got home, I began to quarrel with a family member, and I told Two-Timer to stand down. Two-Timer, clearly annoyed, did so, but after a minute or two he lunged and killed whoever it was. I scolded him, and immediately after he leapt at me. This was when I woke up.

At the time, I was feeling rather angry and lonely, so this might add up to it. But why did it have two heads, anyway?