Snake dream

Jessalyn asked 1 year ago

I was in a hotel with my family. Then, i found a snake outside of the hotel and it chased me! I run, but it wrapped my leg with its tail, but my brother smashed him┬ábefore it can bite me. Then later i went to the park of the hotel. I sat down in a swing, and I was thinking about the snake earlier. I thought, “what if there is a snake in this swing, but I sat on it?”

Then i looked and found the snake behind me. I almost sat on it. It kind of approaching me, but there was a bigger snake and ate the snake i almost sat on, which is smaller. The size of the small snake was similar to the first snake. Then i was going to bed in the hotel and just woke up. In my life, I’m afraid of snakes since i found a snake inside my bedroom, although it didn’t bite me. What is the meaning of my dream? I’m just a female teenager…

  • Ryen replied 1 year ago

    This may mean someone is having a crush on you. Usually being chased by a snake or snakes can lead to that meaning