Slimy maggots Dream

Tany asked 9 months ago

My husband gave me this huge worm kind off looked like a caterpillar but it was slimy and fat he put it on my left palm hand and he was saying to fee how the warm sucks on my hand that it felt cool so I tried it and while the worm was sucking on my had it felt cool but afterwards I started panicking because I hate crawling insects. I was telling him to get it off my hand but he said to keep it longer that it was going to deal better afterwards what it looked like little maggots comming out underneath the worm they started crawling to my wrist I started to squish them to kill them and I got all of them but then more and more started comming out and I couldn’t keep up to kill them so I asked my husband to help me get them out but he didn’t helped me and then my husband woke me up because he said he heard me whining in my sleep. So then I woke up