Significantly lost in my dream

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Mayra asked 9 months ago

I had a dream , that I was lost , I took my friend home and I ended up in this strange place. It was dark by then , I felt scared but idk why . I retraced my steps running ( all I wanted was to go home ) it was this awkward building I was terrified but nothing was happening . I got out n it was a different setting like old back in the day . I ran towards these trains n these girls were saying something so I ran and they chased me .

I hoped over fences and everything . Now when I got further away I was in a different setting , like a town square . Now taking my friend home I saw none of these places before in my life . (Each time in a different setting or anywhere im running n rushing non stop ) in the town square I ran into stores to change wht I had on . Idk how I got out the town square but I ended up where I started dropping my friend off n walking through this alley .

I thought if i kept straight I ended up home . No one looked for me , I thought of my phone but I never used it . Eventually after I changed outfits n ran some more I woke up , and looked for why I dreamt of this .