Shared dream of falling babies

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Sky asked 1 year ago

Yesterday, I spent the night at a friend’s house who I’m really close with. We both slept in her bed, after we got back late from an event. I dreamt that I was outside in the evening with a crowd of people. A helicopter took off near us (someone leaving the event), and flew slowly right over us. It wobbled a bit as it accelerated, and suddenly we saw a baby who was precariously near the door fall out.

His fall was slowed somewhat by people who reached for him, but it happened so fast, he hit the ground. We were all stunned. I was trying to figure out how bad it was, but others were already speculating that maybe the mom (a celebrity in the helicopter) had PPD and didn’t know what she was doing, either letting him be in a dangerous situation, or deliberately dropping him?? It was very stressful.

In the morning, my friend told me she’d had a weird dream. She was outside with a group of friends, and she ran into someone she hadn’t seen in a long time. The person had recently had a baby. She unexpectedly just handed off the baby to my friend, but he was a lot heavier than she was expecting, so she was caught off balance by his weight and sort of toppled forward, nearly dropping him. She managed not to totally drop him, but still had to lay him down on the ground.
When I told her my dream, we were like…what in the world! Why the shared dream of dropping babies?!?