Serial Killer and they may be my ex ?

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Angela asked 6 months ago

I just had a dream that my ex was obsessed with this bunny toy and he said to all of us in a note that he’d be with ____ now (I forgot the name of the bunny). We were running up the hill and he threw the bunny, and then he ran after it and was about to jump. We stopped him until someone climbed over the other hill and jumped on him, causing him and the killer to fall off the hill. When we all looked down, there was no body. They both disappeared. We all thought it was either staged or a kidnapping. After that I was home alone and the killer broke in. He had a mask on and blonde (Maybe black? I never looked back to get a good look at him) hair with a knife and all black clothing. I ran out the front door and to my aunt’s house, I locked all of the locks on the front and back door. My cousin was asking what’s going on, the killer knocked on the front door. My cousin was unlocking the locks and I screamed “DON’T DO IT!!” but it was too late. I ran upstairs and hid in their bathroom when my cousins and somehow one of my best friends ran up here. The cousin who opened the door said ” Why didn’t you say anything about a killer chasing you??” I didn’t reply. We tried to open the bedroom window to run to other aunt’s house who lived a little further away. But none of us could get the window open, until my best friend said, “Come on! This is so easy, I do this all the time!”, and she opened the window with no issue at all. None of us knew how to get out though, then she yelled, “Hurry up! Parallel then to the left!” We all slid down and began to run…. Then I woke up.