Searching for a Cave

Chelsea asked 1 year ago

So in my dream, I am trying to find this certain cave. It is a cave that I have dreamt about before, it is an opening in a grassy spot and inside is like a museum-style layout. It is dark with displays and information on crystals. In previous dreams, I have visited this place.

In this specific dream that I have just had, I am anxiously trying to find where the cave is again. It is like a tourist attraction so I am googling it and typing many different descriptions of the place into google and cannot find where it is. I am asking people if they have been there before and they do not know where it is and I’m telling them how amazing it is and that they should go there. I was feeling so anxious and excited to go to this place but was growing frustrated about not being able to locate it

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Luke answered 1 year ago

I like this dream! I also know the experience of returning to an important place in a dream landscape – there’s something special about that.

I do NOT think of dreams as fixed ‘signs’ and meanings – like one would find in a dream dictionary. Frankly I think it’s impossible for any person who is NOT YOU to understand your dream.

The method I prefer, is to remember EVERY PART of the dream comes from you and you alone. It’s not a “message”, it’s YOU, expressing some feeling/awareness/knowledge. All the images, the stories, the feelings – they are all just you.

The way I try to learn from a dream, is to imagine that I am some aspect of the dream. In your case you could imagine being the cave, or the tourists, a shop, the feeling of looking, Google – every piece has information for you. The hardest part is just trying it out: in a relaxed state, ‘BE’ the cave (for example), imagine what it feels like to be a cave, what are your characteristics – and ask yourself (as the cave) ‘what do you want?’. It helps to even do this out loud.

I’ve sometimes discovered that some small and innocuous part of the dream reveals the most information – a coffee cup, the sign next to a road – things that seem incidental can sometimes reveal the most.

It’s actually kind of interesting how effective this technique can be, just to use the words that describe some part. You could say the words out loud and then go “OMG I know *exactly* what this is about!”