Sea Monster

Eva Marie Dano asked 1 year ago

Last night dream:  I was at a very nice beach, white sands and the water was very clear and calm.

Then a guy told me to stay away from a box situated by the beach because there is a sea monster inside, and from time to time it opens, and the monster will come out.

While standing and admiring the view, I noticed the sea monster head came out twice but looks different every time.  At first, it’s like a sea serpent then seconds some crazy animal I cannot recall.  I was afraid that then my fear just vanished because the sea monster immediately goes back to the box.

So I just told myself to stay away from the box.
I went to the water to join other people ( I cannot recognize) because the water made me happy.  Then, I noticed a monster-looking white fish swimming.  Frightened, I ran out of the water shouting monster fish! But, the others didn’t mind at all.

Then, I saw my father sweeping the sands near that box.  I was very terrified I told my father to stay away because the monster will go out from time to time.  He said the monster is already dead.  I told him no, it is still alive, I saw it earlier.

Then he insisted that monster is already dead, he opened the box and went inside.  I came running towards the box, and there I saw the terrified look on my father’s eyes while running away from the monster… who grabbed him by the arm.  With a sweep, I grabbed my father, and while hugging him, he was trembling with fear…
The sea monster that I saw this time is the same little fish monster I saw in the water.

Now, while browsing thru the net to plan my itinerary for my travel to Singapore this month, I saw the Merlion (symbol of Singapore) … and I remember the monster… it looks like this.
Is my dream warning me of anything about the travel to Singapore?  Please help me interpret my dream.
Thank you.