Saved by a man

karla asked 1 year ago

i had a dream that there was some kind of lion on the street and I’m not sure how but i was already inside a car in the passenger seat and the whole windshield was cracked. There was one man was trying to save me by getting on top of the hood and trying to lift the windshield but couldn’t due to lion trying to attack him every time he would get close to me but another man came and the lion left scared off and that man rescued me and put me on his back, what does that mean?

Also I’m not sure if there was a crowd of people there with cameras in front of the car. The only other thing i remember from the dream is that sometime after the man rescuing i was with my family and i didn’t see it but i somehow knew that i was a scratched up and cracked up from my back. What could this mean?

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