Same dream for second time ….

Mini asked 1 year ago

There is something am sacred off lately….
Today dad called me and said that he had a bad dream. He told me that he dreamt of a deep sea and a ship….and all of us were on the ship…..but suddenly the sea became very violent and was very scary scene ….
The wind tossed the ship to an fro…and finally everyone was reaching out to safe boats and trying to reach to safety …
My dad was calling out to all ..and taking us to safe place…finally he reached a safe depth place and suddenly looked around to see mom and brother only
I wasn\’t found it seems
And very scared he was calling out for me… and got so worried and scared dat he woke up

My brother had a very similar dream an year back …and am really worried I feel god is try to convey them something about me 🙁