Running in my dream

Joshwayne Parrucho asked 5 months ago

I just had this dream just today. And I’m still freaked out. Okay so the dream started of me going down a jeepney and walking the streets there’s other people walking and vehicles around It looked like a normal day and then I think I was supposed to be on my way home that time because I was waiting for a ride home that’s when I saw the guy who calls jeepneys and screams out for passengers to come I came by him and asked if there will be any more jeepneys coming by this street he said no.

When I tried turning away after that he touched my arm slowly from the shoulders and down I moved back from the hold he tried holding me again, but I ran I looked back he was running after me I don’t know how but I ended up at the back of a school and saw the back entrance open so I went in and him whoever he is came in to he was above me floor creaking with each step he take in the floor board above there was a big gap you can fit your head thru he did and I screamed surprised mostly because instead of looking like a man like when outside he became a child a crazy child so I ran again and he was faster I was aiming on going to the front of the school because I know there are guards there half way thru there I looked back he was gone. So I started walking and then this crazy thing happened a fly started buzzing at me yes!

Buzzing so i ran again and again until I got to the front gates and the guards was there looking like I’m crazy because I did look like I was crazy my clothes got torn by the amount of running I did and then there were parents coming with their kids and then I woke up. It was scary creepy I felt like I was really there like I was really really there it felt so vivid. And I found out it does have connections with me but I don’t know why and I don’t know I don’t understand even if I see the connection.

I had a bad experience in jeepneys so don’t use that alone anymore, I had been sexually touched by strangers, I know the school I came in in my dream it was the school I used to go to,  I don’t know about the guy becoming a crazy kid thou but it does give me the creeps my hair on my body literally stood up that I don’t know, the fly? I don’t know fly’s in my place tends to bite me, the guards? I know one of them, the parents and their kids? I don’t know about that they just came. That was not one of my weirdest dream this one just really got me on edge