Running away

Sydney asked 1 year ago

(This isn’t one dream since my last couple dreams have been the same idea in different situations)
I’ll be doing normal things when something goes wrong that I need/want to avoid, I’m always running away from a situation not a person. I’m always running through water, making it really hard to get anywhere and I feel hopeless and very scared I always feel like if I don’t escape in time I’ll die. I always end up exhausted making it even harder to run and I just stop and cry then I wake up.

One dream specifically was after school ended I needed to go to my after school club and I didn’t want to. I had a crowd of Teachers and students chasing me as I slowly crawled through water that felt like quicksand all while the Teachers and students yelled at me that I was doing it wrong and how pathetic I was for running so slowly. After what felt like hours of running and making absolutely no progress I collapsed and cried, waking up.

(from what I’ve read, it means I’m avoiding something in real life but I’m particularly interested about running through water and how I end up giving up in the end, I’m right now having trouble with anxiety and depression and I’m wondering if that is related to the dreams)