Rivers, babies, gangsters, bars.

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Tyler Sessley asked 5 months ago

It starts with a street flooding. I’m standing by it looking down. I say to someone “It used to flood like this all the time when I was a child” this street is like a creek. The water is flowing, maybe even big enough to be a small river. I think that the parade planned there will have to be cancelled. I feel peaceful watching the water go by but decide to leave. I’m walking through a park. It’s like three local parks merged together.

Then it detours to this building. Like a bar kinda two floor long rectangular space. I’m setting up for a party or people. I remember spending some time in one of the back sun rooms deciding on tables with umbrellas. If they’d need them since they weren’t in direct sunlight. Decide to put them up and then focus on putting out furniture for any children. It keeps jumping between this empty building and the event/party. People everywhere to empty.

Then at some point I’m going home to my house. It feels like an old neighborhood but it’s nicer. And I’m aware that I’m walking home. Then I jump several blocks to my Godmother returning from a jog. I’m talking to her and I flashback to her sadly talking about someone not supporting her relationship with a new guy since it’s the first time she’s connected with someone since her divorce. ( My God mom divorced 25years ago and doesn’t have any new love interest) so, she talking about having a baby. She’s in her 50s so I’m questioning her ability to make, carry, and care for a baby but she’s determined. Then I’m having a baby too. We stand in line and she offers to carry both babies but somehow the plan changes to me carrying the babies. We stand in line at this clinic and finally get back to the doctor. The doc is talking about the procedure. Everyone is sitting in chairs but I’m on the floor. I voice that I don’t want to carry two babies but am ignored. I imagine myself pregnant with two babies.

Then the dream jumps to me being pregnant. My brother is missing or in trouble. I’m driving around and questioning gangsters about his whereabouts. My mom finds him and then it jumps back to me walking back to the fertility clinic. Im passing a church/ YMCA and I see my godmoms baby swaddled and left on the porch. It’s winter now so I pick up the baby Wondering what’s going on. Then somehow I look left and see her son looking pitiful in the front seat of his car. (She doesn’t have a son in real life) I know that he’s jealous of the new baby and has tried to get rid of it. So I carry the baby and am standing in line at the clinic for some appointment I had or to get the kid medical care. My God mom is passive about me having the baby so mentally prepare to have two kids.

Then I’m back at my bar, I’m cleaning and my cat meows for me to follow her. I follow her back through the park and to the plaza beside the still flooded street. I say out loud “are you sure this is where you want to birth your kittens? She lays down and I start helping her. She births a kitten. It’s dark. I put it to her breast. I think that there’s no way only two we’re in there. Someone is standing over me. I press on the cats belly, and push out two more kittens. The voice explains that the kittens stopped developing in utero. I feel the belly and find one more lump. Another kitten is birthed. And the dream ends