resurrection dream and jesus second coming

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alina lobo asked 1 year ago

Hi, i had two dreams one was the second coming of Christ and the other one the resurrection one in Jesus second coming. I ¬†woke up from my dream what does this dream mean I also had a dream where I was in my school and I was walking down the steps and a women whom I don’t know calls me and tells me you have been resurrected in Jesus I don’t know what that meant because I didn’t die in my dream then why I got this dream I have passed out school in 2013 i am 19 years old please explain me my dream meaning

  • Tiffany replied 1 year ago

    I think that you’re missing pieces of the dream that would be more helpful for interpretation. Also, what order did the dreams come in (which was 1st, 2nd, 3rd)?

    Going out on a limb with what you did say… I feel like you might be more recent or more active in your Christian faith now than before. Where you have been a leader in the past and always a bit ahead of everyone else (smarter), you will now be going into a season of new. You will explore new things and will learn new things or even rebirth an old interest with a great passion but you will know the least of these things from the people surrounding you in your new endevour. This new avenue will be key in your future growth and success. Bless you!

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