Reoccuring dream that Im stuck in hell

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gordon asked 2 months ago

They’re not dreams about being stuck in a lake of fire or anything like that
In these dreams I have this feeling like my heart has stopped or extreme anxiety so severe that when I wake up I can feel it for the next couple of hours or so and it won’t go away.

I’m in a panic and I feel like I need to fix something before its to late but I can’t and now there’s something I must face because of it, I usually do not sleep afterwards. These reoccurring dreams give me the same feeling but they’re not exactly about the same thing.

There is one where I’m suddenly in my house walking on the roof everything is black and white and for some reason I want to return to “the place I was before” but I can’t, I’m completely alone and I feel like I’ve been there for an eternity, I want to scream out for someone to help me but I’m still completely alone (this isn’t a problem outside the dream I can be alone for a long period of time and still care little about it) the dream will continue on like this until my alarm clock goes off or unless, once I found my way into my room and I looked down into my bed and saw myself but in another way.

Almost like I’ve come to see a new reality and then I immediately wake up and I cant remember what I realized and I don’t really want to, I still have this mixed feeling of adrenaline and anxiety from realizing it in the dream and usually I lock myself in the bathroom afterwards and I can’t stop thinking about it and I feel like I might have to go back for some reason.

The other dream I have that is one of complete darkness there is no one with me and I cannot talk or move or do anything. The dream will go on for what feels like months or sometimes years which is one similarity with these dreams and I’m not saying it reoccurs that often like every day for a year I’m saying it literally feels like I’m in this dream for years in total darkness with an extremely anxious feeling powered by the belief that I’m stuck in this place.

Once I wake up from that dream my anxiety gets so severe that I begin to feel suicidal because I want the feeling to go away so badly but for some reason I feel like if I committed suicide I’d have to go back to that place so I quickly rush down stairs to take some melatonin so I can get back to sleep (take this with a grain of salt I’ve had the dream many times now so I know its just a dream I’m not depressed nor will I make any rash decisions).