Recurring Nightmare Everyday for a Year During Childhood

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Anonymous asked 5 years ago

I know this doesn’t sound like much of a nightmare but when I was five I had this nightmare everyday for a year and it would wake me up in a drenching sweat and screaming bloody frighten murder, it scared me so badly and I can’t figure out why but here goes…

All I see is a White room with nothing else but a black line/string stretched across (1 dimensional) room. Red balls bounce across the line one at a time until the one previous to the next would be out of sight. each time one would bounce across out of sight, the next one would increase in size. This would go on about 4 balls each getting bigger each time it bounces across the black line/string. The last and final ball would be a black stringy ball of thread like matter along with a winy screaming like high pitch noise and stop in the middle of the room increasing in size until it took up the entire blank white room.

And then Id awaken from that dream screaming bloody murder, sweating profusely and running to my parents room begging to get in their bed. This happened for an entire year, every single day, when I was five. After that year I only had the dream once or twice again later in life but that’s it.

I’m now twenty six years old and have never inquired on this in fear it will bring back enough emotion I start having the dream again. I’m so curious now that I don’t care and just want to get some answers. Any help would be so much appreciated 🙂 thanks guys!