Reccuring dream of a loud grinding noise and intense pressure

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Dan asked 2 years ago

I’ve been having this dream for quite a while now. I remember having it at least twice before but never thought of the meaning. It happens incredibly infrequently and has to of been a year since I’ve experienced it.
The dream itself is hard to remember but very clear in the moment, more like a memory than an experience. I’m seeing from my own view but never look anywhere but dead ahead. There is a large boulder/rock that is slowly rolling sideways and is creating a loud, deep grinding noise and a heavy feeling of pressure. The rock is a dull brown which is the same as the view behind it, which is just a blank space that extends backwards then slopes upwards, due to the angle of the dream I’ve never seen the top. It’s the same dull brown as the rock but they’re noticeable as different objects. As the rock rolls, incredibly slowly, it gets bigger (not much bigger at all) and the grinding noise gets louder and with it the pressure. I can feel that I’m uncomfortable and after a small amount of time it’s over and the next day i’ll remember the dream and how uncomfortable it felt. It feels like the air is so incredibly stuffy and heavy. I’m unsure of how long it lasts but it’s definitely longer than a minute or two.
I’m not going through any massive stress currently but there are a few problems I have. I’m also studying pretty hard for exams. As far as i can see there’s no correlation between the dates the dream has occurred. This dream has left me confused for a while and it’d be great to get some insight on it.