Questioning my dream

Lisa arzola asked 9 months ago

I just had a dream that my husband was cheating on me with my nephews girlfriend  in my dream we were having a yard sale his daughter got to the house with her husband and kids my husband said he would see them later that he was going to work then I looked out the living room window.

I noticed my husband and nephew’s girlfriend being a little to playful with each other my oldest son just started at them bcuz we all nw I can’t stand my nephew or his girlfriend and neither does my husband then I saw them go towards the back of the house and lost sight of them I went outside to asked we’re my husband was at and nobody knew then out from the back of my home I saw him walking back towards the front to get on the car and head for work he was fixing his pants and shirt then she came in threw the front door i asked her why or when and she said that he had been texting her and calling her and I told her why why she would do this to me and she said because it was fun that I deserved it bcuz I’m willing to accept people in my home to help them  I asked her about the sex details and she told me every little thing about the problems my husband has when it comes down to sex.

I don’t trust course every time I trust or let my guard down I get cheated on my husband is 51 years old I’m 36. We have been together for close to 6 years we have no children together my babies are from my ex dead beat sorry excuse of a man. My husband says he is not the cheating type he is outgoing funny friendly but when it comes to woman he will look at them top to bottom he is friendly and flirty but if he does that in front of me I can only imagine what he does wen I’m not there. I’ve asked him about it he says that’s just the way he is.

That it is all in my head. I go into his Google activity and see that he uses camera gallery messenger etc but wen I get on his phone there r no new pictures or new messages he is a supervisor for a remodeling company he doesn’t put passwords or anything on his phone I have access to his entire phone but why when his Google history says the apps he used wen I go into his phone to check there is nothing new. Am I going crazy or what is the problem..?