Pregnant with my ex boyfriends baby

Samantha asked 3 weeks ago

I ran into my ex somewhere and was pregnant by him. He was wearing a mechanics outfit and now engaged to someone else, seemed really distraught and upset Saying he didn’t love anyone anymore. When he saw me a smile came over his face. We talked a bit and then I started to cry. He asked me if I was pregnant and I said yes.

Then he grabbed me and kissed my forehead. We ran out from where we were and started to gather things together. I was in search of finding someone to do an ultrasound and once done was satisfied that the pregnancy was okay.

Him and I were in the middle of some type of meadow where there seemed to be a war going on. And we were trying to get out safe. In merky water and snow. Trying to grab onto a horse and riding out into the night.

Eli replied 2 weeks ago

Have had many of these dreams “baby with my ex” idk why either. Especially considering I hate the guy.

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