Pregnancy and wedding dream

Karlis asked 5 months ago

I discovered online about placing a bay leave under the pillow to have prophetic dreams. I tried this for the first time on Wednesday night and I remember dreaming of announcing my pregnancy. In the dream I was in a hotel/vacation setting. It looked a lot like a setting I experienced in real
life about 3 months ago where my sister, friends and I went to a wood cabin weekend getaway to celebrate my nieces and friend’s young daughters birthday together.

I say it looked like this experience because in the dream we were hanging out in a hotel room with some of the same people there. In my dream I remember standing up and standing against a wall and just holding my belly with both hands kind of like showing it off. My sister seemed to be the only one to already know the news in the dream.

However my other friends did not and Said to me what are you trying to tell us. I told them to guess and they said I looked pregnant and that’s when I said I am pregnant and I know my sister knew because she also said yes she is pregnant after I announced it, kind of like a confirmation to the others. I felt like in the dream I waited until I was farther along to announce to the others because I did appear to have a showing small belly already. I researched the meaning and found it may mean a new beginning but can also mean actual pregnancy is coming.

And because I did have a bay leave under my pillow at the moment I’m wondering whether it was prophetic or just sending a hidden message. The next night I removed the bay leave and tried sleeping with some meditation sleeping music on just to experiment. I chose one that said it would manifest your soulmate while you sleep. In this dream I was trying on a black dress for my aunts wedding. My sister from the previous dream was helping me pick out a dress and giving her opinion. She was asking me if I was sure I wanted to wear the black dress being that there was a lighter dress on the bed waiting to be tried on. I remember loving the black dress on me and really wanting to wear it.

I wear a lot of black and really enjoy dressing in black in real life and I felt that feeling in the dream too. Even though the dress seemed tight and wasnt zipping all the way I remember looking in the mirror and really liking the dress trying to make it fit. I seemed to be preparing as a brides maid or special guest. I dreamed more of preparations and not the actual ceremony. It was a beach wedding. I felt happy and excited to get ready for the wedding. Then fast forward and the next part I remember is like a private concert where a private band and male singer were serenading a small audience. I sssumed this was the reception when awoke. It was indoors and a stage was set.

I was sitting up on a chair placed right on stage enjoying the music and singing along to a slow song that I recognize and like in real life. I was sitting on stage as if I was vip guest. The only weird part is that my recently deceased father arrived while this was going on and was asking who arranged for the singers and how much they were paid. He kept asking who paid the musicians. Thats when he was told his close friend (who was also there but is alive) arranged it. He then asked his friend how much he was charged. My dad seemed to be preoccupied with knowing if we overpayed or were overcharged for the musicians services. He asked if we were charged a specific dollar amount ( i think like $300) and then said they shouldn’t have charged us more than that. While alive my dad always put together all celebrations in my family and specifically also always loved to hire live bands for these celebrations.

Even though he wasn’t dead in my dream it did seem he was trying to have control of these details. Again I must mention that during my dream it was not clear if the band was singing as a wedding reception because I saw no specific signs of a wedding at this other part of my dream. I just assumed it to be when I awoke being that it came after the previous dream. I do believe it was connected in some way. In the dream I felt happy to be there, special that I was on stage and touched in a happy way by the song being played, I was singing along.

I am also wondering if the meditation music i was listening to while sleeping was sending me a message. After all it did indicate that it helps to manifest your soulmate while you sleep. I found this music on YouTube and fell asleep listening to it for the first time ever. Can you please help me make some kind of meaning out of all this PLEASE. Your response is greatly appreciated, Thank you.