Patchwork cat

Anonymous asked 6 years ago

first, I will describe the cat, or guide, in my dream. this cat was very much like the cat out of coralline, only it was much more life like in its looks but not so much so in the way it moved. it was an odd sort of fur, almost certainly a fabric, such as black velvet, and was patch worked yet  smooth, it also had absolutely no facial features just the shape was there, the same with the ears, like blocks rather than ears.secondly, I shall describe my dream.

I awake in my dream, standing on a balcony ledge of some sort, and look beside me to see the cat, also on this ledge next to me, barely reaching my knees. we look at each other for some time in silence, then he looks forward and the whole time we have a connection of some sort.

I do not feel danger or threat from this cat, only peace, and a slight sense of curiosity, but if anything it feels as though it is guiding me, a I said, I was on the ledge of this balcony, but these were no ordinary houses, this was no ordinary village, much like the old fabreze advert, the whole (what I remember as an old Spanish town), was multi-colored fabric, again patchwork, yet much more vibrant.

Not much occurred in the dream, mainly we jumped across rooftops, the cat, always a few feet ahead of me, turned to watch and wait until I catched up to then reappear In a white void.near the end of my dream, we disappeared then reappeared, reappearing in a white landscape. it was as far as the eye could see either side and behind; perfect blue sky with scattered clouds. although this time, the cat was sat, not too far away, but not too close, in front of me. just watching me.

It behaved like it was looking at me although it had no facial features, and I can never forget the feeling; a sort of gratitude and understanding between us, I was thankful for it guiding me, and it to I, although it was sort of an understanding of – you wont see me for a while but I am always here-. behind it was just dried up trees, completely white and with no leaves whatsoever.and that was it; the last time I have seen it up close, was about two years ago when this dream occurred.

I never don\’t have a dream and it can be very tiring, but  its a weird feeling, knowing that the cat is always in the corner of my eye or far away but I can still see it, never threatening, always watching and waiting patiently; for what I do not know.I hope someone can help me figure this out.