Outer Dimensions

Walt asked 2 months ago

I am walking in a dead world, but in 4 very familiar places at any given time during the dream. The clouds are only 200 feet above my head, dark, and moving fast, but there is no wind, and no sound. It’s disturbingly silent. I’m walking in a dense, dark grey dust, very fine like moon dust, and it’s at least and foot deep all over everything. I can hear my breath as I labor to breathe. Behind me, there are no foot prints in the dust, which is very odd to me.

At one particular locale, and can see the city scape, the buildings are in ruin, as if a nuclear weapon had been set off. At the second locale, there are dark woods to my right, an old golf course to my left I had played many times in my youth. This is a scary place in the dark, anything could come from the woods at any time. I am utterly alone, walking and walking, reminding myself I am the only living thing in this world. The third locale is no better, it’s an intersection where I remember a lot of accidents had always happened there.

A McDonalds is close by there, but again, everything is in ruins, there is no one but me, and why this place? The 4th locale is on a highway by an old barn, close to an old girlfriends house, again, I can see for miles up the highway, total destruction. I am so exhausted, my legs and feet are heavy and hurting, but I keep putting one foot in front of another.

There is a voice whispering in my ear, telling me, “it’s not so bad as long as I keep moving ahead, just keep moving forward”. So I keep walking, and walking until my alarm clock goes off.  When I wake up, I am crying, and I realize I have had this dream almost every night for around 12 months. I am overwhelmed with emotion, I am exhausted, mentally and physically.The voice that was in my ear was my mothers, she had passed away from Cancer about 2 years prior.

I am so confused as to why my mom would take me to such a horrible place. Was she warning me? Why those 4 particular locations? And why total destruction of the world around me? After that night, after I realized what had been happening, I never had that dream again.