Other girl he had “a thing” with in my house

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R asked 1 year ago

I had a dream where my boyfriend was in my house & we were having a good time, sitting in my living/dining room eating when I turned to look behind me and saw a girl who he used to “talk” to sitting on my couch. She was acting very nonchalant and watching tv. He asked me for a bag of chips from the kitchen and she quickly got up to get it for him.

She had gotten the kind he didn’t like so I went back to get the kind he did like & we made small talk but she kept smiling really wide it was odd. Then as I’m going to give him the bag she walks over to him and lays the side of her head over the top of my boyfriend’s as she smiles and caresses his face. The whole time my boyfriend is looking straight forward while he eats with a neutral facial expression.

My baby cousin who loves my boyfriend then comes over, tugging on the girl’s shirt to get her off my boyfriend. She points to her cheek and lips, signaling that she wants to kiss my boyfriend as she always does. The girl then takes it as my cousin wanting to see her and my boyfriend kiss. She looks to me and says “I can’t he has a girlfriend” while smiling really wide and looking down at my boyfriend in a sort of loving way. It looked as though she was leaning down to kiss him while my boyfriend still had a neutral expression and looked straight ahead just before I woke up.

  • Alex replied 1 year ago

    I’m not an expert on this so take my thoughts with a pinch of salt.

    I think it may be that your boyfriend may have had or is having or you are thinking he did with this girl. Anyway, you are very worried that she will replace you and he will just let it since because of his neutral face he doesn’t seem to care.

    Considering the fact that she went for the wrong kind and you got the right one indicates that you know him better than her, you know what he likes and dislikes.

    The fact that your cousin was there might be a sign that you are scared that he will just leave all of you and hurt all of your feelings without so much as giving one emotion.

    Keep in mind that this may be your feelings and not what is actually happening. I don’t know you and no one else can tell you what you feel, this is just my thoughts.