One of My Weirdest Dreams

Anon asked 12 months ago

Ok, so all throughout my life so far I\’ve been having weird dreams, from seeing the future to getting killed by a mysterious creature. Last night, I had a dream where I woke up with various sizes of lizards on my walls. I have a fear of lizards so I was frozen for a few seconds. There was a spider on my ceiling that jumped down on my TV. I looked down and saw more lizards with extremely abnormal tails along with a snake.

The more time passed the bigger the snake became.I jumped out of my room from my bed and went to my extra bedroom. It was nighttime so it was extremely dark. As I opened the door, the closet doors inside had movement of a shadow, and the doors closed/opened very slowly so I closed the door and ran into my living room. I told my mom what happened and as we tried to leave, a humanoid black figure came out of the extra bedroom and attacked my mom. I don’t know what this means as I have multiple random dreams about different stuff.

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