CC asked 1 year ago

I had a dream that I was running from someone, not sure who but they caught me and cutvmy unborn child out of me. I saw tge child drop beside me still attached to the umbilical cird one second and the next the child and person were gone. Then I was running with my partner with my belly still open and bleeding looking for help. As we ran into a nurse she said she would help staple me back together but had to look at my wound. I showed her my wound and scissors and a wrench came out of it. She pulled them all the way out and agreed to help.

She said to wait in her room she was going to prepare. As i lay on the bed in the small room we could see her putting on makeup and doing her hair through the bathroom mirror it was a two way mirror. Then she finally comes in puts two staples in my abdomen and says she has to step out. Next thing I know my mouth feels weird and as I sit up all my teeth are falling iut but still in my mouth, but im able to talk as im screaming “My teeth! My teeth!.” Then I wake up.