Nightmare Dream I Had

Sabrina Jimenez asked 11 months ago

Okay well, my dream started at my son’s 5th birthday party. It was all smiles and laughing, sliding down the slide. And when it was over, we ended up going somewhere else for his 2nd party. It was a 2 story building in Mexico.

So we were playing, and then my boyfriend and I go upstairs to play different games and leave my son with his friends. when I notice it had been awhile, we returned down stairs to not find him. So I went to the front reported him missing they showed me the video cameras and saw him walking with a strange man out the play area. but then I noticed a secret door behind the register.

So I went in to see if my son was there and he wasn’t but the next thing I know, i was being held captive there.Eventually, someone came and I hit them with a bar and escaped to find my boyfriend outside, we left searching for my boy. But couldn’t find him instead found my ex-best friend and she had a new baby girl (when she has a five yrs old boy like me only).

She helped for a little bit until these guys in a white truck and white shirts were chasing us and eventually took my boyfriend, so I started driving and took off in the rain. we stopped at another arcade place even though I was telling my ex-friend that we had to make it to the USA to be safe. We still went inside but I ended up seeing them pull up right next to us so I told her to come with me down the emergency exit, we did but they saw us leaving and I tried to push start the Escalade so we could escape faster, but we didn’t.

They saw us and chased us on top of a building. But when they came closer, I had seen it was my brother (who’s in jail) and my boyfriend and random guys chasing us again. My boyfriend started fighting my ex-friend and my brother was fighting me. He kept repeating “Just give me it” (like I had something of theirs).

I told him I didn’t have it. He said he would have to kill me if I didn’t give him what he wanted. I told him he had already killed my son. He said, “I’m sorry, I had to do it”. I started to cry even harder and he slit my throat. And I woke up in tears and couldn’t catch my breathe.

Please help me explain.

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