Near death dream experience

Kourtne asked 3 weeks ago

Ok I’ll try to remember as much as possible. I was in some type of concentration camp and we(dont know who these ppl were) were being tortured. There was this water tank they put us in and they would try to drown us(note never saw who ‘they’ was). As I was going under I saw the guy in front of me dying and I couldn’t hold my breath any longer.

I was struggling to get air and then I just gave up and died. But when I died it felt like I just slipped into another world. I was in the water and these people told me to hold on to the dolphins so they can swim you to shore. Im terrified at this point bc Im in some mysterious water with weird creatures but I listen and grab on to one thinking the quicker I get to shore the quicker I can get out of this water!

So I get out and is met by this guy who I feel I recognize but don’t know from where. He was like a doctor of some sort and told me to lay down on the table. He then looks at my stomach and says you are definitely pregnant. And im like what? Confused of course. And he said I can’t stay here bc you are pregnant. So im like ok. Cool where’s the door lol. So I’m walking around this place and its bright with green hills and I see my youngest son(he’s 5) coming up the hill.

Im devastated bc I figured this was the place you go when you die. I go to him and ask him what happened and being 5 he just said I fell and bump my head. I try to ask more detail but he was like idk. I’m sad and hurt that my son is here and that I will be leaving him.

So I find a portal to the real world and asked my husband what happened and he said they were walking on the side walk and he trip and fell on his head. And i said thats it? He just fell and died?!? I couldnt accept that so I went back to the other world created a hole and let him back into the real world and I stayed in the other world.

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AA answered 1 week ago

You died

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