Naked person of the same gender

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Neha asked 11 months ago

I am a 18 year old women and im straight. In college i have a beautiful senior and yes i do admire her ,lets name her X. She is a good friend of my boyfriend who is also my senior. X also has a boyfriend he is preety handsome.

One day everyone was talking about clothes and my friends forced me to borrow a dress from X . I don’t like borrowing . Though i went on to see X at her house,With a picture of me wearing her dress in my mind.
I saw X wearing same outfit doing a photoshoot at her terrace. I saw her dress reducing everytime i saw her . Now The dress was became too embarrassing and was not suitable to wear in public .her boyfriend was shooting a video of her (he was only focusing on her bum). And i saw that scene on repeat for like many times .

I saw her taking off her undies and was showing me her private part and i was under her.
Then i saw a huge candle stand(like reallyyy huge) over a bed (full honeymoon atmosphere) and she was gonna do sex with her boyfriend . But he denied and i inderstood that he had some problem with his private part . X got angry ,and went to take shower ,while her boyfriend left . Then i saw her naked in her shower . And my brother was also with me and he also saw her in the shower . I shouted at my brother and suddenly X saw us though we ran away.

I woke up (at 5 am ) with a shock kind of feeling and later on i felt disgusted remembering that dream.i  feel so terrible like so so terrible for seeing such a dream about her. I don’t know any possible reason for seeing such a thing . I do like her outfits though. That is something related to the dream maybe.