Naked in front of my girlfriend

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Chuck Foster asked 12 months ago

So I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about three months. Pretty short, but we’ve “clicked” more than most. Anyway, we were sitting on a bed and having a conversation, just a normal conversation. For some reason, I have no clue why I only had underwear on.

Everything felt so natural; I felt no more or less confident than I usually do around her, I feel very confident around her. She kept looking at my area. Eventually, I inquired as to why. She said that she wanted to see it. This surprised me, but not that much.

From here is the most vivid part of my dream or the part I remember the most. I was willing to do it, but I asked, “Are you sure?” She responded by saying, “Yes, of course.” Not in a demanding way, but in a way that addressed my concerns. I proceeded to expose myself. She didn’t react, nor did I. I just felt so comfortable and natural. From there the dream ended. My second naked dream this week. I should also mention that I went dancing with her that day, I planned to kiss her but never got a chance, didn’t care though.

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Jon answered 9 months ago

Seeing or eating eggs in your dream, symbolizes fertility.
yes it’s true