Naked dream with someone I used to know making me really uncomfortable

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vedya asked 1 year ago

At the start, I’m going to a biology lesson and I end up going to the birthday party of this boy named A.
(I met A on a dating app and we’ve met once in March 2017 and the date was nice but I realised I wasn’t interested in going any further with him. I think he genuinely liked me and he we carried on talking and eventually I became more and more distant until I just stopped replying. He was hurt but he got over it and we left it at that. We’re on okay terms right now, he likes my photos and we had a brief conversation on snapchat a few months ago. Although he did think I was drunk when I started the conversation (I wasn’t!). Anyway so a few days ago I was thinking about him and I felt a bit guilty for kind of ghosting on him but also I can’t stomach the idea of us being a couple.)
So back to the dream…
I walk in his home with a present in his hands and his parents are there and they stare at me very judgementally when I say hi. I ask them if I’m at the right house and they say yes and then I turn to the right and A is sitting on a couch in between two of his friends. On another couch, my very close friend is there but she doesn’t actually know him in real life nor did I ever really speak to her about him. I say hi to A and he seems a bit confused as to why I’m there but I know that he had invited me. Anyway, he gets up and we hug for an awkwardly long time and all I can feel is sexual tension. (I’m awake and I still feel awkward!) Then I randomly take off my top and I have no idea why and I only realise that my breasts are exposed when I sit down next to my friend and express my confusion as to why she’s there. Then I’m holding a pillow to my chest as I ask her to pass me my top. Then A’s friend holds up a bralette that he says A bought me and it’s got burgers on the back. (I’m anorexic but I don’t know if there is any relationship to that). I put on the bralette and start feeling awkward again because A’s friends are clearly checking me out and telling him that he’s lucky etc and he just sits there smugly. I feel really awkward.
Then I have no recollection of what happened I just remember little snippets…
-my sister shows up. We don’t really interact I just know she’s there and I see her
-the party grows and more people show up. There’s a hot guy who I don’t talk to but I just see him
-there are tonnes of straws. EVERYWHERE. neon ones like the ones I have in my kitchen. Genuinely have no idea why they’re there. They’re almost like glowsticks
The whole time, however, I feel A watching me and I feel sexual tension making me really uncomfortable and this discomfort has been bothering me all day so I feel like I’d feel better once I know what it means. I read lots of interpretations of nakedness in dreams but none of them seem right. I don’t know.
Please let me know what you think.