my parents

Anonymous asked 6 years ago

There were people that I know, including my husband sitting talking about the end of the world and climate change and rising water levels, I then went to close up the house for the night and noticed my deceased parents counting stars. I shouted to them to come in as it started raining and they said they will be in soon. I went back to the room everyone was in and offered them coffee and they all accepted. I then went to check on my mom in the room (why do I never see her face). she was not feeling well. I fetched a brown blanket to throw over her and noticed my cat sitting in the window. she was pushing the window open to get out and when she did she ran. I ran after her but could not catch her. She then jumped into a shopping trolley and it started rolling away from me. The harder I tried to catch it, the more it seems that my feet were not moving. My cat turned into a little girl on a scooter and she disappeared around the corner.  This all happened in a house I often dream of, that I grew up in. My mom has been gone for 24 yrs and my dad passed away this year.