My most vivid dream

Anonymous asked 1 year ago

The Life Like Dream- I made music in my sleep today, but I forgot it after I went back to sleep. It was compellingly horrid. I have a huge headache somehow AFTER sleeping, but not before. The first scene was me tearing it up in airsoft with a small pistol and 10 rounds. People came over the hill in a swarm, at least it seemed like it after 3 people appear at the top of the hill 20 feet away without a warning shot. I shot the white guy in a grey hoodie from about 40 yards away, but he kept on shooting.

I said hey, you’re out man, to which he said he didn’t fell anything. And I said “That’s because I sniped your ***” Two more came towards me, one was huge in a red and green plaid flannel who was white and overweight, shot him three times. The next one I ducked his rounds and shot him once in the face. The game was over, but I realized where I was. It was a ruined sandstone city that was distinctly cold. I came up the stairs without warning to see a girl ready for war.

She told me ” they are coming”, and it got dark real quick. Somehow I ended up on the coach in a warehouse type area with four superheroes. They were teenagers and young adults, with the lady from earlier as a commander. We talked and everyone introduced themselves, particularly the skinny young African American who drank a lot of margaritas, pouring the bottle on me at some points, but chugging it throughout this time. My mom sees me with it, and I end up in a winning war somehow, flying with those people and bombing the place.

Music started playing, a waltz that was off key, but still strangely appealing. I had flashbacks as I walked through a medium-sized military ball type room, with flags black and insignias that never formed a solid shape, but instead changed from flag to flag and each time you looked away and back on them. I came in and saw a different scene; I was in a darkened D-Day, which was night instead of morning. I walked through the bombs and the flame, aiming ahead unshakably with a pistol on my hip.

I heard screams and only saw shadows, but we had killed a room full of important men who somehow didn’t realize a war was outside. I then was being recognized for it, as they came and cheered, men all in black suits and of similarly 20 year age, except for one man who was talking with very charismatic tones. He named my achievement and I relished in it, but I say two ladies in red full face masks appear, with two that were white masks. They seemed harmless, but as the day went on, I’d see them with somehow different masks that had more shadows across them and blackened eye holes. The music changing similarly with them.

I looked back towards our general, as he listed off those lost to make my squad, squad 2. I watched as he talked, looking at the old photos on the wall of children dying in ways that were each caused by the training they were going through. Some broke their backs with ropes, others their necks, and some bleed to death. The masks grow darker. General says he is making a new squad, one that will be legendary. I see more of that war torched scene, with me running out of ammo in a massacre of the enemy, and I grab a flagpole with a pike on the top of it, sharp, with the reflection of flames across the room. I then stab everyone in the room expertly; killing the ones who run as well.

I’m back in the room, with the General saying to join if you have the ticket, and to look around and talk to every one of your contacts to the crowd. He says something good, and leaves, along with everyone but the women. I leave as well, into the same room with the people talking and feasting at round tables, and I see more of the war and talk to people who seem to know people who know people, and give great advice, but they say they don’t see their ticket. People stand and leave with weapons in hand, hurrying to find the ticket. I see a flagpole stripped of it’s banner with a sharp pike on it, and I instinctively grab it.

I look it over and see writing in soot which shimmers in gold, reading ‘this is your ticket’. It’s silent now. I study the pike in my hand, and turn around to see the women around the front of me in a semi-circle with truly disturbing masks I can’t describe. A low chord on the piano from the waltz keep sounding, over and over again, and I run from the masks, into the door in which I entered. I remember the music still. I show the pike into the keyhole where blood appears as I twist it, and I remember the screams. I’m happy when I open the door to see a place no one else knows, a place where I can hide the ticket until the General arrives again. The music is back but worse, as I see the hallway’s lights turn off and extend the hallway way past its original length. Knowing shit’s about to go down, I through the pike away from me as I lose feeling in which I know I can’t move, and I tried.

This wasn’t out of fear originally, but after I struggled in bonds of air a door opened near the end of the hallway which was pitch black inside. The room turned lighter, but not by much, with books and furniture flying within it towards the door of the room as a shadow extended out of the hallway. I woke up, with a massive headache and a waltz in my head. Now, I need to go back to sleep because I feel more tired than when I first went to sleep. I instantly get pulled out of the hallway through the the top of it, which above me was warm and not moist water, like a sheath over something.

The creature holding me by its tail pulled me along and looked back occasionally to see me and split its jaw into three parts, it dragged me through a version of the ruins from the first dream, but with statues resembling buildings that were monsters. They weren’t alive, but lights and steam come out of them with roars I dreaded. I ended this section of the dream by getting thrown through another water-like sheath, waking up to sundown, although I went to sleep at 12. It was 455. Everything was sore, and I was covered in cold sweat. (AM time)