My husband killing me over and over again

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Shikha asked 1 year ago

I dreamt of my husband killing me over and over again while i am physically watching it standing in a corner. Later on i help him pack my corpse and dump it everytime except one. This time he packs my body in a toilet and says he will come back later to put it away. The toilet is sealed. During this whole thing i see myself not angry but dumbfounded and helping my husband like i have been hypnotized. My husband leaves and i see my daughter is also sleeping in a corner. She wakes up and is trying to use the toilet but i m not letting her as i m scared to what she will see inside.i call my husband and one of my good friend picks up.

And she tells me he is having a party with her and she thinks he wont be coming home as he is going to spend night there. At this point i get furious and demand to talk to him. he tells me to wait as he will come only after he has a good time with my friend. Then i see my daughter dragging the toilet seat outside of the room. The room now seems like a hotel room.

Outside there are so many people and they look at the of them comes to me and tells me they are going to have a meeting in the room with other mothers in the hotel. And he pushes the seat inside. People walk in. I look at the clock. Call my husband again.

Leave a voice msg how i m scared that ppl will find out. Some other kid opens the toilet and i close it immediately but i could sense people smelling the bad scent. Then i say please everyone use some other room i have to leave for my daughters appointment in 20 min.

People left but one man comes and asks me to put my hand in this white powder and  asks my daughter to do the same and I jokingly ask when I’m scared from inside , are you taking fingerprints  he says yes we have found remains of more than 3 bodies including one in full in the toilet seat and you are charged with these murders. I am scared for my daughter’s  future and i wake up.

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