My first lover

Lance asked 1 year ago

My first lover loved the beach we were young and I wanted to marry her.

For months I watched her walking home while I was riding my bicycle then I had forgotten about her. I then had friends in common with her ‘my first lover’ , we were together for some years then I had a terrible motorcycle accident I went to hospital for some 3 months. She was finishing year 12 and won a scholarship to go to sydney uni to be a teacher then the relationship broke down with her she was in a career with teaching and I was for a long time disabled.

She went on win another scholarship to go to Germany as she was a language teacher. Life goes on I did marry another lady who we had 3 children together but that lady has passed a long time ago now. I waited another 9 years after she had passed to remarry again. Last night I dreamt about my first love after all this time and she was doing some leg stretches on a broken Flag pole which was made at her house in my dream I also knew in my mind in my dream that the Flag pole had a break in it and she was doing splits on the flag pole wearing jeans. I woke she had fallen but obviously had gotten hurt in this dream but I woke and never got to find out how she was! She would have been hurt. But what does this mean?

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